Swedish tourism had been growing steadily since the early 2000s, the turnover in Norrbotten alone has increased with 58 per cent since 2010, and the industry is now a strategic priority area for the Swedish government as well as highlighted in regional development strategies in both Norr- and Västerbotten.

As an industry highly effected by the pandemic in short-term and strong competition and low margins in long-term, the need for innovative business models, strategic smartness and digital transformation is high. The vision for Sweden as tourism country is to be the world’s most sustainable and attractive destination built on innovation by 2030. Northern Sweden has great potential to embody this vision with a track-record of high-end experiences, sustainable strategies and international attractiveness.

Our industry experience:

  • Attracted tourism investments through multiple investment memorandums, matchmaking and negotiations
  • Supported numerous tourism organizations with growth strategies
  • Trained +40 tourism business leaders in strategic development
  • Ensured profitability through financial analyses and development of business cases

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