Test and demonstration

Simply put, in order for new ideas for products and processes to be developed and reach their market they first need to be tested and demonstrated under real conditions. Faster development pace means shorter time-to-market, resulting in higher return on investments.

Northern Sweden has unique testing assets like vast land areas, green energy, political stability, arctic climate and highly competent and educated people and leading research institutes. Testing in northern Sweden first began in the early 1970s when the first vehicle testing courses were cleared on frozen lakes. Since then, the testing industry has grown and developed with a number of highly successful businesses that now constitute an Arctic testing cluster with world-class operations and research. There is no other place in the world that hosts as many areas of demo and testing as Norrbotten, and there are over 40 demo and test actors in the north in the fields of energy, materials, space, vehicles and transport, healthcare, urban planning, telecom and IT.

Although a growing sector with a long tradition, the test and demo actors have similar challenges across industries. Mixing commercial and public business models, highly seasonal income streams, talent attraction to remote locations, increasing the degree of refinement/expanding in the value chain, heavy balance sheets and lack of investors are some.

Our industry experience:

  • Turnaround investigations, profitability analyses, market assessments and customer insight projects for testbed organizations in multiple industries
  • Business cases and financing strategies for numerous test and demonstration actors
  • Investment memorandums, matchmaking and negotiations for testbeds primarily in mining, space and energy
  • People and competence supply strategies for vehicle testing actors

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