Mining, minerals and metals

Sweden is Europe’s leading mining nation. We produce around 90% of European iron supply, 40% of both lead and zinc supply, 23% of gold and 20% of both silver and copper. Add to that Sweden’s world-class mining innovation power, global leadership in sustainable mining and minerals operations and leading mining education and we have an industry with high investment and growth potential.

Mining is also an industry with high impact on European and Swedish self-sufficiency and climate benefit. Metals, minerals and advanced materials are key enablers for a globally competitive, green, and digital Europe. In Sweden we have the technical know-how, the natural resources and the industrial and political ambition to be a leader in sustainable and responsible mining.

The challenges to get there include going deeper, increasing social-license-to-operate, enabling effective and transparent permit processes, finding the right competence to remote locations, moving closer to a fully-automated and carbon-free operation while staying productive and profitable with a sufficient and green energy supply.

The Swedish metal industry has long traditions alike the mining industry, today counting for SEK 46 billion in export value, exporting to 150 of the world’s 190 countries and employing over 15 000 persons. Steel has a fundamental role in the development of the modern society, and the Swedish steel industry has ambitions to lead the technical development and to drastically reduce emission to land, air and water until no other than products useful for the society leave the Swedish plants. Competition is tough in the steel industry, and to become world-leaders of fossil-free steel there is a need for high-paced innovation processes, access to fossil-free electricity and bio-based fuels and public regulations that levels the playing field for sustainable metal companies.

Our industry experience:

  • Decision-making support for new projects, investments and business areas
  • Trained +20 business leaders in mining innovation excellence
  • ESG integration in the mining, minerals and metal industry
  • Global go-to-market strategies for +30 mining and metal innovations
  • RD&I strategies

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