Old space took us to the moon but was only for a few, driven by governmental spending by a handful of wealthy countries. New space is a fundamental game-changer in the space sector, driven by both commercial and governmental investments and companies working independently of government and major contractors. This has launched space as be the next trillion-dollar industry, with total space revenues projected to be over USD 1 trillion by 2040.

Key overall trends that will impact the space sector going forward are reducing the cost of access to space, increased demand for small satellites, space sustainability, the need for data and connectivity , space exploration and planetary missions.

US is still in the lead competitively, but Europe has great room for growth and further development, and one of Europe’s most important space centres is located in northern Sweden. It is a diverse eco-system uniquely well-positioned to capture growth and is at a turning point – from a dominant public sector into a rapid progress arena for commercial businesses. Already today the northern Swedish space sector is mobilizing the full space value chain, and with the first small satellites launched into orbit at Esrange, we see a doubling of the sector and clear alignment with global trends. World-class space actors like the Esrange Space Center, The Swedish Institute of Space Physics, EISCAT Scientific Association and the Space Campus of Luleå University of Technology ensure continuous innovation opportunities.

With superior geographic conditions, space critical infrastructure in place and an extensive eco-system and knowledge hub northern Sweden is the space center to invest in.

Our industry experience:

  • Analysis of the opportunities in the northern Swedish space sector for investors: insights on all parts of the space value chain
  • Mapping of the European space cluster and cooperation possibilities
  • Investment and financing strategies for growth, new business and research
  • Supporting space start-ups on their growth journey

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