Organizational performance

The execution of any mission or strategy in the end relies on high-functioning organizational capabilities. We specialize in supporting our clients in defining, re-structuring and implementing key capabilities to support higher performance.

As companies grow and as internal or external factors impose the need for change, the organizational structure or processes needs to adapt. Immense values are lost in organizations where steering is lacking, organizational structure is not fitted to current needs, processes are in-efficient and employees estranged to the company mission and strategy. As external environments change all the more rapid, these organizational problems arise more frequently.

We support our clients with defining why there is a need for change, what actions are required and what benefits could be gained. We implement new structures, processes and steering through KPI:s.

Example of support:

  • Analysis of organizational change needs based on strategy or external factors
  • Process mapping and redesign
  • KPI construction and implementation
  • Organizational diagnostics and employee interviews/surveys
  • Organizational change business cases