Market and sales

We help our clients gain insights on their markets and customers to enable fact-based actions on both their operational set-up and business model.

Understanding market needs and trends, composition, purchasing processes as well as size and growth is critical to steer the business in the right way. We support companies in this area, with both conducting secondary and primary (validating) data collecting and analyses. We perform market modelling and construct bottom-up market sizing and growth analyses.

We also support our clients with understanding their current, lost and potential customers. We perform validation interviews and advanced customer base data analytics, finding key insights on customer segments, behaviors and untapped potentials.

A key application area here is sales and pricing, where our analyses on customers and/or markets and competitors result in new pricing tactics and set-up of sales channel strategies.

Example of support:

  • Market sizing and trend analyses
  • Market modelling and scenario analyses
  • Customer validation analyses
  • Customer base data analytics
  • Pricing and sales strategies