Innovation excellence

We support companies, institutions and research consortia in analyzing and assessing business values of innovations, construct go-to-market plans as well as assisting out clients in designing and implementing efficient management of their innovation portfolios.

Understanding the customer and market need, demand, size, potential values as well as the key challenges and paths in reaching commercialization are critical in the management of innovation projects and portfolios. Innovation is risky by nature, but there is no logic in adding risk of investing in development of products and services that either has no place on the market or is lacking a feasibly large enough market size. We support many different clients in assessing and analyzing market potential and go-to-market strategies, even for products that are in very early development stages. We also train business developers in how they efficiently can assess their company’s innovations, as well as help larger companies in setting up efficient innovation portfolio management methods.

Example of support:

  • Go-to-market plans
  • Customer validation of innovations
  • Construct portfolio management systems and KPI:s
  • Market sizing
  • Business cases